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MO Governor on St. Louis Protests: Only Safe Space for Looters Is a Jail Cell

St. Louis police arrested dozens Sunday night following the latest round of clashes with demonstrators protesting the acquittal of a white police officer in the shooting death of a black man.

At least 80 arrests were made in what was the third night of violence in the city, with hundreds of people protesting Friday’s court decision that found Jason Stockley, a 36-year-old cop, not guilty in the 2011 death of Anthony Lamar Smith.

"There's a big difference between protesters and rioters," Katie Pavlich said on "America's Newsroom" today, pointing out that masked Antifa demonstrators often arrive at protests with violent intentions.

She said a Wall Street Journal op-ed that calls for Antifa to be designated a "street gang" doesn't go far enough.

"Antifa should be categorized as a 'domestic terrorist organization,'" Pavlich said. "They show up not as part of the protest, but with a political end, and they're willing to do it through violent means. And that is the definition of terrorism, whether it's foreign or domestic."

She said that they claim to be "anti-fascist" activists, but destroying property doesn't do anything to fight fascism.

"It actually just hurts business owners who are trying to make a decent living."

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