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Sean Hannity said that the 2017 Emmy Awards proved that Hollywood is "obsessed" in their "insane, unhinged hatred" for President Trump.

He pointed to their "hysterical" reaction to a lighthearted appearance by former Press Secretary Sean Spicer and their repeated criticisms of the president.

"The American people didn't really care to watch this Hollywood hate fest," he said, noting it "barely missed" the record for least-watched Emmys programming.

He said the actors and actresses showed "insane unhinged hatred" for the president "like pretty much nothing we've ever seen."

Hannity said the repeated attacks by people like Lily Tomlin, Alec Baldwin and Jane Fonda proved Hollywood is out-of-touch with the rest of the country.

He also rhetorically asked when meaningful professions like blue-collar laborers and doctors will be given such "award shows."

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