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In his "Common Sense" monologue, Neil Cavuto criticized those critics of President Trump who have shown "hypocrisy."

Cavuto said some in the media were aghast that Trump would allow a young boy from Virginia to mow the Rose Garden lawn at the White House.

He said they faulted Trump for "not sending a good signal on child labor and occupational safety."

Cavuto said such critics were also "obsessing" over his tweets, which "risks [them] looking like twits."

"I seriously doubt that if Barack Obama had a kid mowing the law at the White House, it wouldn't create a tenth the fuss," he said.

He criticized their "hypocrisy" in the way Trump was criticized for retweeting a doctored meme of the president hitting a golf ball that "hit" Hillary Clinton in the back, knocking her over.

Cavuto asked how many of those same critics took issue with comedian Kathy Griffin posing with a cast of Trump's "severed head."

"Now who's hysterical?" he asked.

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