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Greg Gutfeld encouraged those who feel like President Trump has let them down to cheer up.

"When you think President Trump has let you down, consider the alternative," Gutfeld said, playing a clip of Hillary Clinton.

"He's like the Star Wars Franchise," the host joked. "Sure there are movies within it that you love, but then there are ones that you don't."

"But on the whole the series of films leaves you with a pretty good feeling."

Some Trump supporters' hopes that the Mexican border will be secured have faltered lately. The president told reporters that funding for the new wall will come later, and right now portions of the existing wall are being renovated.

"Trump always asks for more than he knows he's going to get," Gutfeld stated. "And he does it in a way that starts the conversation, the kind that didn't really catch the media's attention until he forced their hand."

"Saying 'build a wall' is just a catchier way of saying 'fix our borders,'" the host concluded.

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