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Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed Hillary Clinton again for continuing to harp on her 2016 loss of the presidency to Donald Trump.

"Snap out of it! Do I have to go through this again?" Pirro asked incredulously.

Clinton's new book, "What Happened," was released last week, and the former secretary of state has been appearing on television and book signings to promote it.

The book provides a lengthy inventory of all entities she blames for her loss, including herself, former FBI Director James Comey, Russia, sexism, Bernie Sanders, the New York Times, and Barack Obama.

Anyone who says prosecutors draft an exoneration before an investigation is complete "has never prosecuted a case, is a complete idiot, or is an out-and-out liar."

Pirro described Clinton as a "cold calculated woman on the road to power by any means possible."

"Her reign was one of bold, brazen, in-your-face pay-to-play corruption," Pirro stated.

The judge called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to open a new federal criminal investigation into Clinton.

"Impanel a grand jury immediately, and void the false Clinton immunity deals, easily done since each one has been violated," Judge Jeanine said.

"Hillary should not get a free pass because she lost an election."

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