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Nigel Farage slammed his country's leaders in the wake of a terrorist attack in London Friday night, saying they have enabled terrorists through neglect.

British police arrested an unidentified 18-year-old suspect in the London train bomb attack Friday morning that injured 30. ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror attack.

Authorities raised the threat level to "critical" on Saturday warning that another attack could occur.

"I don't think at any stage of this that our leaders have really contemplated the scale of the problem that we face," the former United Kingdom Independence Party leader told "Fox & Friends." "I think part of the reason for that is that they themselves are responsible for much of it."

"I think we're always behind the curve."

President Trump tweeted after the attack that the terrorist was known to Scotland Yard beforehand.

Farage said he expects Trump's claim to be proven right.

"In most cases the patent is very clear," Farage said. "These are young males who have dropped out of education, who have drifted into drugs and extreme forms of Islam, and in nearly every single case they are known to the authorities."

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