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Virginia boy Frank "FX" Giaccio got a longtime wish fulfilled when his letter asking to mow the White House lawn was granted.

President Trump met the 11-year-old and his dad on the lawn as Frank mowed the Rose Garden.

"I knew that he was very impressed, and I thought he wanted to be going with me, so I kept mowing," Frank, who wants to be a Navy SEAL told "Fox & Friends" on Saturday.

"Great job, keep going," Frank remembered the president saying as he walked up.

Afterwards Frank got to visit the Oval Office and even speak at the White House press briefing before Press Secretary Sarah Sanders took over the podium.

"It was really cool especially when the president said very few people get to come in there who are just visitors," Frank said.

Frank wrote a similar letter to President Obama and got a response, he remembered, "but it wasn't handwritten."

Frank said he expects his lawn-mowing business to grow after all the publicity.

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