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WATCH: St. Louis Protesters Vandalize Police Car After White Officer Acquitted of Murder

A St. Louis protester spoke to Mike Tobin about why he is out on the street demonstrating against police after an officer was acquitted of murder.

The young man told Tobin he would not call the police if someone burglarized his home.

"I don't trust people who will shoot people in the back... and stand in riot gear," he said.

When Tobin followed-up, the man said it was none of his business how he would handle a break in.

Tobin warned that he could be hit by a car if he succeeded in getting onto Interstate 64, the main artery between St. Louis and Norfolk.

Again, the man said it was his personal prerogative.

Another man told Tobin the shooting of Anthony Smith was not justified.

He called the videotaped shooting "premeditated," and took issue with the characterization of Smith as an "urban" heroin dealer, alleging that if the decedent was a "suburban" heroin dealer, the circumstances would not end in death.

"They would beat the sleeves off him," the man said, "but [they would] bring him in [to the precinct] alive."

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