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A recent study from the Media Research Center found that 91 percent of the evening news coverage of President Donald Trump on ABC, NBC and CBS this summer was negative.

By the end of August, the MRC said, nearly 40 percent of coverage during the nightly news was about the Trump White House or the administration, and it was overwhelmingly negative.

Trump took to Twitter earlier this week to call out the "fake news."

On "Outnumbered" today, Lisa Boothe said there's some truth to former White House chief adviser Steve Bannon's claim that the media is the "opposition party."

"When you look at the numbers, that bears out," Boothe said. "President Trump is getting unprecedented negative media coverage."

She pointed to another Media Research Center study that found that if only journalists' votes were counted in presidential elections between 1964 and 1992, the Democratic candidate would have won every time.

"I've worked in Republican politics. I have experienced this firsthand, seeing how my candidate is being treated and how the Democratic candidate is being treated," Boothe said.

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