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Hillary Clinton called President Trump a "clear and present danger to this country" and implored the White House to find "people who know better" to keep tabs on his actions.

Clinton said that Trump proved to be "unpredictable" and has "no strategic plan, [but] just emotional... reactive and visceral behavior" in which to deal with threats like North Korea and Iran.

She said that on "big issues" like that, the federal government is able to "contain" Trump, but that it may not be enough to stop future reckless activity.

"I think this president and some of the people around him pose a clear and present danger to our country," she said. "Domestically, to our institutions of democracy, our self-governance and our rule of law."

"[My] only hope is that people who know better, who have experience, realize this country of ours is worth defending... and will be able to prevent anything really bad from happening," Clinton said on MSNBC.

On "The Five," Gillian Turner said the Democratic Party should be the one to write a self-reflective book like Clinton did.

Regarding Clinton's "clear and present danger" line, Juan Williams said, "I don't think she's Jack Ryan."

"But, I hear it all the time," he said of Clinton's thought. "Republicans say it's a good thing we have McMaster, Mattis and Kelly there."

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