WATCH: St. Louis Protesters Vandalize Police Car After White Officer Acquitted of Murder

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St. Louis native and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch blamed the Democratic Party machine in the city for "running [St. Louis] into a hole in the ground," precipitating the latest protest against police.

She said that the issue at hand in the death of Anthony Brown "isn't a racial disparity problem, it's a political party."

Loesch said that the city's drug problem has increased and quality of life has decreased under years of Democratic leadership.

She also blasted the "race baiters" and "hustlers" being bussed into St. Louis.

"It breaks by heart to see this happen. Look what they do to my city," she said.

Loesch said the judge in the case determined that Brown, who had prior convictions on weapons and drug charges, was in the midst of a drug exchange when police first approached him.

After a chase, Brown was shot in his vehicle after ignoring police orders.

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