Tucker: Trump Signing Dems' DACA Deal Would Be 'Massive Amnesty,' 'Collapse' of GOP

Chris Wallace: Trump's DACA Talks With Dems Are 'As Clear as Mud'

Tucker Carlson debated Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), a moderate Democrat who unsuccessfully sought to unseat Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) from her minority leader position.

Carlson said Ryan represents working-class Youngstown and bills himself as an economic populist looking out for American workers.

But he pointed out that Ryan supports the DACA order, providing amnesty to illegal immigrant adults brought here as children.

Carlson asked whether such support flies in the face of his self-described support for out-of-work and underemployed Ohioans.

"I don't think we should round them up and throw them out of the country," Ryan said of the illegals, adding they should pay a fine, back taxes and proficiently learn English.

"You're dodging my question," Carlson said. "Millions [of family members would] be eligible to come here to get work permits."

"How can you call yourself an economic populist when you're inviting millions of poor [workers]?" he asked.

Carlson asked why Democratic leaders don't speak as glowingly about out-of-work Americans than they do illegal immigrants.

Ryan said Trump caused the current policy kerfuffle by sunsetting the DACA program.

"The president started the whole thing," he said.

"Let's make more Democratic voters, I get it," Carlson later responded.

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