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Tomi Lahren sounded off on Hannity on ESPN's Jemele Hill calling President Trump a white supremacist. 

Earlier on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called the statement a "fireable offense."

ESPN said in a statement that Hill's remark was "inappropriate," but no disciplinary action was taken. 

Lahren said the situation accentuates an apparent "double standard" that exists at ESPN, which fired Curt Schilling, a vocal Trump supporter, for an offensive social media post. 

"Maybe ESPN really values diversity, but maybe not diversity of opinion," she argued. 

Hannity said the larger narrative is that Republicans, conservatives and President Trump are all racists, sexists and misogynists. 

"Stop lying about who we are," said Hannity, adding it's part of the left-wing playbook every election cycle. 

Lahren said she would not call for Hill to be fired or for a boycott of ESPN, but added that the network shouldn't be surprised if Trump voters simply tune out. 

Watch the discussion above.

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