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Jabari Brisport, a Democratic Socialists of America member, and former DNC member Robert Zimmerman both praised Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) single-payer health care plan, albeit from different angles.

Brisport, a candidate for city council in Brooklyn's Fort Greene and Crown Heights areas, said capitalism is failing and that Sanders is correct to declare health care a right.

"This is actually a savings," he said of Sanders' plan, which would cost $3.2T according to data reported by Martha MacCallum.

Zimmerman, a Clinton supporter and delegate, said he supports Sanders' plan, but sees it as the normal progression of Democratic politics rather than a lurch to the left.

He rejected Republican claims that President Lyndon Johnson's establishment of Medicare was socialism, and said Sanders' plan is politically relative to that.

"[Democrats] aren't socialists, we're capitalists," he said. "Universal health care speaks for a majority of Americans - 53 percent."

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