"OBJECTified," a brand new series hosted by TMZ’s Harvey Levin, premieres on Fox News Channel on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET.

In the season debut, you'll see a revealing profile of "America’s Judge," Judge Judy Sheindlin, who shared the stories behind some of her most prized possessions.

Each week, Levin will showcase an intimate interview with a high-profile newsmaker or celebrity, who will tell their life story through certain objects they have chosen to keep close over the years. The objects become jumping-off points in understanding how certain experiences shaped each person.

On "Fox & Friends," Levin explained that he's always loved biographies and autobiographies, and he wanted to find a unique way to get an in-depth look at a person's life.

"The hook that we came up with is you go into their home and you divide their life into seven chapters. And each chapter represents a period of their life or an area of their life," Levin said. "The person I talk to has an object that they chose to keep that represents that period that they kept over the years."

"They connect to it, and it's a way of getting into their lives where they feel invested, they feel in control," Levin said. "Using that device, it just opens them up."

The 10-episode series will air on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel. Upcoming guests include:

- Benjamin Netanyahu

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

- Martha Stewart

- Tyler Perry

- Mark Cuban

Watch a preview clip of Sunday's premiere below.

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