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Tomi Lahren had the Final Word word on "Hannity" last night, and she blasted Hillary Clinton for blaming others for her election defeat.

In her new book about the 2016 election - which is titled "What Happened" - Clinton says she takes responsibility for her loss, but she also blames everyone from former FBI Director James Comey to former President Obama to Bernie Sanders.

"What happened, Hillary? You happened," Lahren said. "You blamed and continue to blame literally everyone."

She said that Clinton actually received extensive help from everyone from Obama to the mainstream media to the DNC, and she still lost.

"You lost because you're as relatable as cardboard and allergic to accountability," Lahren said.

She noted that Clinton also tried to blame her loss on misogyny.

"It's not because the country wasn't ready for a woman. It's because the country isn't ready for a liar or an entitled political princess, so don't start with the sexism charade again," Lahren said.

She argued that Clinton knows her tell-all book and blame game are bad for the Democratic Party, but she doesn't care.

"The most important thing to Hillary is, as always, Hillary."

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