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Hillary Clinton believes the Benghazi terror attack was turned into a "political football" aimed at undermining her credibility, record and accomplishments.

Responding to a question about her likability on NBC's "Today," Clinton said her political opponents kept bringing up the terror attack - which left four Americans dead - to make voters question her fitness for office.

This comes as security contractors tell Fox News that then-Secretary of State Clinton's State Department initially refused their services in Libya until two weeks before the attack, and then pressured them to stay silent.

"For Hillary Clinton to suggest that this is somehow a conspiracy against her, it is so disrespectful to the people that we lost," Trish Regan said on "Outnumbered." "This happened under your watch. Own up to it. It's the right thing to do."

She said that "time and time again," Clinton has been unwilling to admit when she's been wrong.

"When you aren't willing to admit when you're wrong, and people's lives have been lost, it's inexcusable," Regan said.

Former chief of staff to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Josh Holmes said this goes to show Clinton's "astounding lack of self-awareness."

"It's like she's the victim of this situation. It blows my mind," Holmes said.

Lisa Boothe agreed, saying Clinton's comments are "completely tone deaf" and "completely out-of-touch."

"All she needs to do is watch that interview to realize why Americans did not want her to be president of the United States," Boothe said.

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