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The council of the Beltway-area city of College Park, Md. voted this week to allow illegal immigrants to vote in municipal elections.

Tucker Carlson debated a resident who is supportive of the move, after he was unable to get ahold of local legislators.

"If a non-citizen can vote, then what's the point of being a citizen?" Carlson asked Todd Larsen.

Larsen reiterated that the college town only allows illegal immigrants to vote in local elections, on things that directly affect them like trash collection.

Carlson said that municipal, state or federal, illegal immigrant suffrage "dilutes the voting power of citizens."

"A better way to look at it," Larsen said, "is that all are residents in the city of College Park [and they all] contribute to the community."

Carlson asked if homeless people can vote under the new law.

Larsen said only people with physical addresses can vote, prompting Carlson to ask whether that makes the city council's decision favor illegal immigrants over American citizens who happen to unfortunately be homeless.

Carlson called it a "slippery slope" that is trying to change the way America is governed.

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