Downtown Jacksonville, Florida, is experiencing record-setting flooding after Hurricane Irma slammed into the state.

Irma has since moved further inland and been downgraded to a tropical storm, but dire impacts are still unfolding in Jacksonville.

"There are basically whitecaps here," Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy said, pointing to the flooded street.

The St. John's river spilled over into the streets, almost submerging a line of parking meters. The water could rise four to six more feet by 2 p.m. ET, Doocy reported.

"It's already several feet. It is continuing to rise. It's very dangerous," Doocy said.

The National Weather Service predicted flooding will continue to cause problems for areas near rivers for about a week.

Emergency rescue teams including the fire department and National Guard are rescuing people who need help in the flooded areas. Some residents have resorted to canoeing.

Watch Doocy's report above.

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