A family riding out Hurricane Irma in Miami, Florida described the storm as "swirling," not a "freight train" like Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Julie Berg, her husband, son, and two dogs stayed in their Miami home as the category 4 hurricane whipped around their house, which withstood Andrew.

"We were feeling pretty confident that the house would be fine," Berg told host Shep Shepard on Sunday.

"It was incredible to me how many people left that weren't even in an evacuation zone," she related. "Unfortunately some of them went to Tampa, to Atlanta and places like that."

Hurricane Irma comes on the tail of Hurricane Harvey, which devastated the southeast Texas coast and flooded Houston, Texas.

"We have friends in Houston that have been reaching out to me over the last couple of days saying they're praying for us," Berg said. "They hope we don't get anything like what they got."

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