President Trump delivered a message of encouragement for Americans as Hurricane Irma threatens the entire state of Florida.

"In times such as these we see the strength and the resolve of the American spirit, and we see the kindness and courage of our people," Trump said in his weekly address on Friday.

"With gratitude for the first responders and prayers for those in the storm's path, America stands united, and I mean totally united."

Hurricane Irma's outer winds and rain hit southern Florida Saturday morning, and the storm is expected to devastate the state, especially the east coast as the eye gets closer to land.

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"We will restore, recover, and rebuild as Americans ... We will endure and come back stronger than ever before."

The president also pushed his tax reform agenda, saying it is time to simplify the tax code especially for middle class families.

"This is our chance to give American workers a level playing field, to end the rigged system that lets special interests win at the expense of the middle class," Trump said. "That is how we all succeed and grow together, as one team, one people, and one American family."

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