A small business in Tampa, Florida is giving out free water as people in the area prepare to weather Hurricane Irma.

Gio Bunjak said he and his family planned to leave but ended up staying as the family business was inundated with calls asking for food and water. They gave out some free water to those preparing for the storm and plan to do so again on Monday.

"I want to just wish first of all everybody to be safe," the business owner said.

Hurricane Irma's first outer winds hit southern Florida Saturday morning, but the eye of the storm is still hours away as of the afternoon.

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Some people will be weathering the storm in the building, said Bunjak, who shut off the building's gas already. He is waiting for more plywood to board up the business.

"They think this is pretty secure. It's a great building."

The majority of businesses in Tampa were not boarded up around 3:30pm ET, Fox News Correspondent Matt Finn reported.

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