A south Florida resident related how she got stuck at home just before Hurricane Irma is expected to devastate the state's east coast.

"We couldn't get out," said Rose Duma, who lives in Islamorada at the very tip of southern Florida. "Our flights were cancelled. We'd be stuck in Fort Lauderdale. It wasn't worth it."

'And where can you drive? You can't drive anywhere," she added. "So we're here."

National Weather Service Issues Dire Irma Warning: 'THIS IS AS REAL AS IT GETS'

FEMA Director: Rain and Wind Already Hitting South Florida, Get Out Now

The outer rain bands of Hurricane Irma hit Saturday morning as the storm trends west and conditions worsen. Power is out in some areas of the state, and cell service is spotty.

Fox News correspondent Adam Housley, reporting from the ocean side of Key Largo, said some people who drove north to escape the storm had to evacuate a second time as the storm changes direction to the west.

Boats were smashed together as the beginning rains hit the coast. The eye of the storm was still hours away as of around 2pm ET

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