Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) advised Florida residents to hunker down and catch up on "'Games of Throne,' whatever it's called," rather than braving Hurricane Irma winds and getting killed by a falling tree.

"Don't be the guy that gets killed by the tree," Rubio said at a briefing by the Miami-Dade County emergency operation center, warning residents.

"Every year we have it, the guy that's standing around, the tree falls on their head. Don't be the guy or the gal that gets killed by the tree."

He added, "It's a great time to ... catch up on 'Games of Throne,' whatever it's called, I haven't watched it myself."

Tropical winds "are serious winds. That stuff blows off tiles, it knocks down trees," warned the GOP senator.

Rubio has spent the last few days spreading hurricane information and warning Florida residents to shutter their homes and leave town.

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