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Tucker Carlson was joined tonight by a writer who said that we must make sure that post-Hurricane Harvey relief money goes to "black and brown folks" in Houston.

In a piece in "The Root," Charles Ellison argued that government and nongovernmental agencies will focus on property owners, instead of offering assistance to the "already economically battered Houstonians who need it most."

Tucker agreed that it's always worth asking where relief money goes and making sure it goes to those most in need, but he took issue with the "divisive" assertion that race should play any role in who receives aid.

"Why include race at all? Storms have nothing to do with race," Tucker said. "And in fact, one of the beauties of watching the recovery effort is that it is multiracial, and you see people of different groups helping each other, and it brings out the best in a lot of ways of people."

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Ellison said he's not arguing that certain demographics should be singled out for aid, but that it's important to recognize that race and class play a role in who receives priority in recovery efforts.

"It just so happens that when you're dealing with class, when you're dealing with homeowners vs. renters, or the middle class and wealthy ... vs. the poor, a disproportionate of those who are poor or underserved or vulnerable, just so happen to be black or Latino."

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