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Phil Keating has been reporting all morning from South Beach, which is getting ready for a potentially devastating impact by Hurricane Irma

He talked to a couple who is refusing to leave despite repeated evacuation orders from local authorities. 

"We're hunkering down for the hurricane!" the woman exclaimed. 

The couple doubted the possible 5-10 feet of storm surge would be an issue for them, explaining they live on the second floor of a "solid cement" building and the windows are boarded up.

Keating emphasized, however, that the couple's sentiments are not indicative of the vast majority of Miamians. 

He explained that unlike storms of previous years, residents of Miami Beach and surrounding communities are heeding the warnings from local officials and getting out of town. 

Earlier in the week, the mayor of Miami Beach urged residents to leave town. Keating explained that once the winds reach 40 mph, local authorities go into shelter mode and cannot respond to 911 calls.

Phil Keating spoke to several Miami Beach residents who say they're not evacuating for the storm.

"My building will have electricity [for] five days, and I think it will be safe here," one woman said.

A firefighter said he's staying for the storm because he has to be at work on Sunday, if he can even make it to work.

"I am nervous, but focused. More focused than anything else," he said.

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