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As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, the National Weather Service has been issuing serious warnings about the massive storm.

The Key West National Weather Service on Friday tweeted out all-caps warnings, telling people that nowhere in the Florida Keys will be safe.

Also on Friday, a National Hurricane Center warning for the Keys said Irma poses a "significant and potentially catastrophic threat."

"All significant hurricane impact threats are likely this weekend, including life threatening storm surge flooding and damaging winds, potentially extremely high rainfall amounts, as well as a threat of tornadoes," the statement said.

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Meteorologist Joe Bastardi said on "Hannity" that any people who remain in the Keys risk getting cut off.

"It would not surprise me if some of these bridges out there got washed over," he said. "That's how severe this could be."

He said the Keys could also see wind gusts of 150 to 175 miles per hour, perhaps even higher.

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