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Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush called into "Your World" today to discuss the potential impact of Hurricane Irma, and how the federal government, local officials and the people of Florida have responded to the storm.

"I'm pretty proud of how Floridians have responded to this great challenge," Bush said, adding that most citizens in Irma's path are wisely heeding the advice of local officials and current Florida Gov. Rick Scott and evacuating.

He said that the South Florida building code is the strongest in the country, but it's impossible to create a building code to handle the winds and storm surge of a Category 4 or 5 hurricane.

"People that are in the low-lying areas along the coast that have been told to evacuate, the majority have," Bush said. "They're doing the right thing."

He said that the recovery after Irma passes, however, will be a "huge challenge."

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"Getting power back on, getting people back to work, making sure the schools open, all of these things are going to be the next challenge for the political leadership of the state," Bush said.

He added that the federal response to Irma has been "very good," pointing out that FEMA has been "very responsive."

"Imagine if the government worked with this kind of compassion and efficiency in a regular order day," Bush said.

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