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Phil Keating reported this morning from a totally-empty South Beach in Miami as the area gets ready for a devastating hit from Hurricane Irma

The area of Miami Beach is normally crowded with tourists, swimmers and sunbathers on a summer Friday morning, but there was almost no one in sight today at 9am local time. 

Though the weather is beautiful today, the winds are expected to pick up soon as Irma moves closer, with impact expected to begin on Saturday. 

Keating noted that if the forecasts are correct, the storm surge on South Beach could be up to 10 feet.

"South Beach is a ghost town. People are really taking it seriously," said Keating, adding locals are far more concerned and frightened than in previous storms.

Keating said many local shelters are already full, advising people who are going to shelters to bring everything they will need.

He said the nonstop local and national news coverage for the past week has been crucial in convincing locals to leave instead of ride out this storm. 

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