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On "Hannity" last night, Tomi Lahren slammed Hillary Clinton for blaming anyone but herself for her election defeat.

In her new book about the 2016 election - which is titled "What Happened?" - Clinton accused Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders of "impugning" her character and causing "lasting damage" that hurt her in the general election.

Clinton has already argued that former FBI Director James Comey, former President Obama, the mainstream media, Russian hackers and misogyny all played a role in her stunning loss.

“The list of people that she has yet to blame is probably a shorter list than the one she’s already using to blame everyone and their mother for her loss,” Lahren said. “Hillary, what happened? You happened!”

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Hannity noted that Clinton blamed Sanders for "paving the way" for Trump's "Crooked Hillary" attacks.

"How does she not recognize that she is crooked?" he wondered.

Lahren said - aside from questions about Clinton's character or mental capacity - her biggest mistake was that she forgot the average American and failed to campaign in the states where traditional Democrats might have voted for her.

"You didn't show up. You lost. Get over it. Go back to Whole Foods. Let's move on," Lahren said.

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