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Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon says White House economic adviser Gary Cohn “absolutely” should have resigned after voicing his objections to President Donald Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville.

After violent clashes broke out at a white supremacist rally in August - leaving one counter-protester dead - Trump blamed extremists on “both sides.”

Cohn publicly condemned Trump's remarks, saying the administration "must do better" when it comes to denouncing hate groups and bigotry.

In a clip from an upcoming "60 Minutes" interview, Bannon told Charlie Rose that Cohn should not have gone against Trump, because "when you side with a man, you side with him."

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“You can tell him, 'Hey, maybe you could do it a better way,’ but if you're going to break, then resign. If you're going to break with him, resign,” Bannon said. “The stuff that was leaked out that week by certain members of the White House, I thought was unacceptable. If you find it unacceptable, you should resign.”

"So Gary Cohn should have resigned?" Rose asked, to which Bannon replied, "Absolutely."

In the clip, Bannon also described himself as a “street fighter” who will continue to support the president even though he's no longer a part of the administration.

“I think that’s why Donald Trump and I get along so well. Great counter-puncher," he said. "He’s a fighter. I’m going to be his wingman outside for the entire time."

Watch more from Bannon below.

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