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A Minnesota high school has reversed its controversial flag ban after a protest.

Approximately 30 students and parents gathered at the Rocori High School parking lot Wednesday afternoon, proudly flying American flags on their cars and trucks.

The school, which is located in Cold Spring, Minnesota, put the ban on all flags in place last spring to prevent students from displaying the Confederate flag.

The new guideline in the student handbook said: “Students are not allowed to display flags or banners from their vehicle while parked in the Rocori High School parking lot.”

After the demonstration, the school agreed to allow American flags, but it won't allow other flags that might cause other students to feel "threatened, uncomfortable or unsafe."

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"Students and school leaders fully agreed that celebration of our nation is desired but disrespect is not acceptable or desired," a statement on the Rocori School District Facebook page read.

Superintendent Scott Staska said the protest was very respectful, well-organized and positive.

"If you could have a protest, you would want one like what the students did today," Staska said.

Watch the "Fox & Friends First" report above.

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