'Tucker' MUST-SEE: Mark Steyn Sounds Off on Hillary's 'Hurricane' of Excuses

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Commentator Mark Steyn said Hillary Clinton's blame game regarding her explanations for losing the 2016 election is "like the world's dullest round of Clue."

Steyn said Clinton blamed everyone but herself for the loss, and for several different reasons

"Everybody did it," he said. "It was Bernie Sanders with the sexism in the library - It was Matt Lauer with the ambush interview in the scullery."

In her book, Clinton criticized NBC's Lauer for what she considered a rough interview in which he asked about her email scandal.

"The reason this female candidate didn't win was she was the wrong female candidate," he said.

Regarding President Trump's surprise decision to side with top Democrats on funding the government, Steyn said it was a "reflection" on Republican leadership.

"Chuck Schumer is not the most appealing person on the face of the earth," he said. "This is a huge reflection on [Paul] Ryan and [Mitch] McConnell."

He said top Republicans have exhibited "incompetence since January." 

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