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It's not just Mark Steyn who's having fun with Hillary Clinton's newest excuses for her loss to Donald Trump. 

Jimmy Kimmel cracked some jokes on the topic in his opening monologue, noting that Clinton blames Bernie Sanders and his supporters for hurting her cause. 

He feigned excitement at reading the election memoir, entitled "What Happened," as a way to "relive that magical election."

"It's like reading a book about why the Titanic sank while you're sitting at the bottom of the ocean," said Kimmel. 

He also pointed out that Clinton blames former FBI Director James Comey for being "rash" in his actions during the probe into her emails. 

"In fairness to Comey, he only got that rash after being forced to shake hands with her husband," Kimmel joked. 

Watch above and check out Mark Steyn's take below. 

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Over on CBS, Stephen Colbert expressed similar mocking sentiments, saying the book is great for those who want to "relive every excruciating detail."

He called out a passage from the book in which the former secretary of state laments being too careful in public appearances and not "letting her guard down."

"Little late," he remarked to laughter. "It's like the pilot crash-landing and then saying, 'Uh, those who are still alive please put up your tray tables.'"