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Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (R) blasted price-gouging businesses in South Florida for taking advantage of Hurricane Irma's impending landfall.

Bondi said her office fielded thousands of complaints thus far against businesses for jacking up their prices in advance of the strongest hurricane in Atlantic basin history.

"You cannot inflate prices during the time of a hurricane for essential commodities," she said, adding that 45 complaints came in overnight against Chevron gas stations in the region.

She said that in Tallahassee and Tampa, Chevron's prices were average, but in Miami-Dade and Monroe County, customers are reporting inflated prices per-gallon.

Bondi demanded that Chevron executives call her office to explain why they allegedly inflated their prices. Bondi praised airlines for coming together to offer reasonable fares for those trying to escape Irma's path. 

"My immediate concern is to get people out of Florida," she said. "[But,] if you're a bad business we are coming after you."

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