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As Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is warning sexual offenders and those with active warrants that they're not welcome at evacuation shelters in his jurisdiction.

On "Fox & Friends," Judd made it clear that there will be no Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) checks at the shelters, and he's welcoming all people regardless of their immigration status.

"Everyone here is welcome at our shelter, unless you're a sexual predator or a child offender. Then we're not going to have you here," Judd said.

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He said the citizens of his county appreciate the fact that their shelters are safe and will remain safe as long as Irma poses a threat.

"Keep in mind, the kids that are in a daycare today may very well be in a shelter this weekend. Do you want a sexual offender or predator sleeping next to them?" he asked. "Not happening here."

The ACLU released a statement in response to Judd's "irresponsible" tweets, arguing that most people with outstanding warrants committed low-level, non-violent offenses and they pose no risk to others in a shelter.

"I tell the ACLU, grab all those people up and take them home with you," Judd said. "We don't arrest people people for simple traffic offenses. ACLU is just blustering like they normally do."

He said they arrest people on warrants wherever they find them, and shelters aren't an exception to that.

"We were trying to give all of those people a five-day heads-up, so that they could find safe shelter as well, either with us at the county jail or someplace else if they don't want to come to jail," Judd said.

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