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The fifth season of "Bar Rescue" kicks off on Spike TV (Sundays, 10pm ET) and "Fox & Friends" discussed the concept behind the show with host Jon Taffer.

In the hit reality show, Taffer heads to local watering holes that are struggling to stay afloat and helps the owners rescue their business.

"Sometimes we have to write checks to keep the lights on," he said, adding the show never uses scripts or actors.

He also explained that there's a science behind designing a bar, including right down to the height of the stools and other seating, as well as lighting.

"You put people on bar stools so their eyes are within 10 inches of each other. At an elevated area, it's low seating so everybody's eyes are within 10 inches of each other. I've gotta get you looking in other people's eyes and interacting. That's what it's about," he explained.

Taffer has been in the business of bar design for 30 years, working on locations all over the world. 

He said after he arrives at a struggling bar, he stays for four days, immediately formulates a new design and then has 36 hours for the construction. 

"After 147 of them, we're tracking at about a 70 percent success factor," said Taffer, adding that "behind every failing business is a failing owner."

Watch the interview above.

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