A Texas firefighter made it back to his Houston home after Hurricane Harvey only to find it submerged and in ruins.

Firefighter Scott got emotional in an interview with host Martha MacCallum as he looked at his family's home in six feet of water with fallen trees around it.

Floods after Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on Houston, damaging almost every home.

"This is my home," Scott said. "I mean this is where I played football right up the street."

"It's going to be beautiful again. I know it is," MacCallum said.

The firefighter explained that the city had to release the dams to protect the infrastructure of Houston, but his neighborhood was flooded in the process.

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"I get that, but you know basically we were sacrificed for the greater good," he said, saying the results were "frustrating."

Not all the results were bad, however, Scott added.

"There's a lot of good that has come from this," he assured, mentioning all the volunteers in the community and out of state who have banded together to repair the damage.

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