Sean Hannity slammed Democrats for calling President Trump's decision on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program racist and "cruel."

"They're creating lies and a false narrative, and again, they want to try and smear this president in order to try and scare the American people into turning against him," Hannity said on his show Wednesday.

President Trump announced on Tuesday that he would phase out DACA, which protects from deportation those brought to the United States illegally as children.

The "elite establishment media" "need to go back to school and maybe take a class on how the government works," Hannity said.

Hannity reminded that lawmakers must make immigration law, not the president, and Congress has time to come up with a legislative answer for those protected by DACA.

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"By the way, even Obama recognized he did not have the right to do it. He said it like 20 times," the host added.

Former president Obama repeatedly stressed before and after signing DACA that he could not change immigration law on his own.

"I'm the president of the United States, not the emperor of the United States," Obama said in 2013.

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