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A banner reading "More Dead Cops" was found hanging from an overpass on a highway near Albany, New York, over the weekend.

The banner was removed Sunday evening shortly after authorities received a call about it, News 10 reported.

The banner also included an "A" with a circle around it, similar to symbols used during recent Antifa riots.

The apparent call for violence against law enforcement sparked outrage in the local community.

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“It feels that it’s not safe nowadays, and it shouldn’t be like that,” resident Peggy Walford said.

“It’s absolute horror,” Johnathan Falk said. “We’re talking about people who put their lives on the line every day for strangers for not a lot of money, and they’re getting so disrespected. It’s terrible.”

Retired Police Cpt. John Cooney said the perpetrator or perpetrators are "ignorant" and it would be a waste of time for police officers to worry about the banner.

"We will continue to do our job and serve the citizens as we always have," Cooney said.

See the local report below.

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