What's Lisa Boothe up to when she's not bringing her insightful political takes to Fox News Channel? Insider caught up with the Tennessee Volunteer-loving Fox News contributor to find out more...

1. Family is my everything. I am truly blessed to have a loving and close-knit family. My parents raised my three brothers and I to support and love one another. No matter what happens in life, good or bad, it is reassuring to know that my family will be there to cheer me on or lift me up. Fortunately, my family has expanded in the past couple of years with the addition of my amazing sister-in-law and my fur baby Bella, a Cavalier King Charles.

2. I love sports. I have done everything from taking ice skating and dance lessons when I was growing up, to playing field hockey and lacrosse in high school. With an athletic older brother close in age, we turned our house into a sports arena on a daily basis. That love for sports paid off with two state championship rings and making captain of my lacrosse team in my senior year of high school. Although it also led to me tearing my ACL and undergoing reconstructive surgery (ouch).

3. I'm very independent. I have always forged my own path in life. The word "no" has always been pretty meaningless to me. I tried running away when I was five. My Dad was so frustrated with me that he helped me pack a suitcase. My parents watched me walk down the street, princess suitcase in tow, and waited. When I came back, my Dad asked me why I had a change of heart. My response: "It’s just not the right day." My Mom, who was very worried about me walking down the street alone, was not happy with either of us. 

4. "Likes long walks on the beach." No, seriously, I love the beach. Any beach is my happy place. There is something about the sand in between your toes and the waves crashing in that brings a sense of peace and freedom. I also just love being by the water. Every year my Mom and I try to take a weekend trip to Annapolis, Maryland.

5. I caught the political bug from my Dad, who worked on Capitol Hill for a senator for 10 years before going to law school. I grew up discussing politics with him. He is now both my mentor and sparring partner. I am a product of my parents' unconditional love and they always encouraged my independence towards positive things.

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