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The mayor of Miami Beach urged residents to evacuate as soon as possible as Hurricane Irma heads toward the Florida coast. 

Speaking to Neil Cavuto, Mayor Philip Levine said this afternoon he expects a mandatory evacuation to be issued today or early tomorrow.

He said authorities are contacting everyone they can, including the homeless and elderly, to make sure they are aware of the coming storm. 

"Get out now. If you don't have a plan, make a plan," said Levine.

Levine said he hopes people start leaving immediately so that traffic jams do not ensue in the coming days.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott warned earlier today that this storm is "bigger, faster and stronger" than 1992's devastating Hurricane Andrew.

Irma, the strongest Atlantic Ocean hurricane ever recorded, is forecast to start impacting the Florida Keys by Saturday before hitting the Miami area.

Watch the interview above.

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