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As Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida, people across the state are stocking up on supplies.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott warned at a press briefing on Wednesday that this storm is "bigger, faster and stronger" than 1992's devastating Hurricane Andrew.

He urged all residents to be prepared as Irma moves closer to The Sunshine State, possibly making landfall sometime this weekend.

Phil Keating reported that in Miami-Dade County people are rushing to get gas for their vehicles and generators, but many gas stations are out. 

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"Everywhere we go, finding a station with fuel in the pumps has been very difficult to do," Keating reported. "That sent people driving 20-25 miles just to get gasoline today."

He added that at the few stations that do have gas, the lines are long and tempers are flaring.

"People are getting aggravated. They're anxious. They're starting to get a little close to panicky," Keating said. "They're definitely nervous."

Watch the Fox 13 report on gas shortages below.

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