Author Mark Steyn disagreed with the idea that Hillary Clinton was the obvious presidential candidate for the Democratic party.

"What nobody liked about Hillary Clinton was that she was not an obvious candidate except in the sense that she felt she was entitled to be the candidate," the author told host Tucker Carlson on his show Wednesday.

Clinton is currently teasing her new book, "What Happened," due to be released next Tuesday.

"I was the victim of a very broad assumption I was going to win," the failed candidate said in a May interview.

"It is as if every hurricane ... including Hurricane Bernie, Hurricane Biden, all the way to Hurricane Macedonia, Hurricane Sexism have all just gathered to rain continuously on Hillary," Steyn quipped.

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Steyn also argued it was a mistake for Clinton to slam her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders in the book.

The Democratic party is trending more towards the socialist views of Bernie Sanders, not towards Hillary's less socialist ones, Steyn explained.

"The party is moving left."

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