Tucker Carlson took on two supporters of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program on his show Wednesday.

"Why would we give any work permits to people from other countries while we still have Americans who aren't working?" Tucker asked.

Americans don't need "a hand up" to compete with immigrants, Mike Donavan, CEO of Nexus Services argued.

Dreamers in particular add to our economy, added Katherine Mangu-Ward, editor-in chief of Reason Magazine.

"The idea that the more immigrants we have the better off we are, if that's true, then why isn't California richer?" Tucker asked, adding that California is poorer since accepted an influx of Mexican immigrants.

"The entitlement state has gone up there massively," Mangu-Ward responded.

"Because of immigration," Carlson interjected.

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"These people are the kind of immigrants that even people like you, who are essentially a restrictionist should like," she continued.

The "Dreamers" are individuals, Carlson argued, saying he would not generalize them.

"You notice that our economy has become less impressive over the past 40 years, but the main thing that's happened is the massive change due to immigration, but you don't see any connection?" Tucker remarked.

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