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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophic flooding caused by the storm, people in Houston are returning to their homes to see what's left and what they can save.

Residents have found that they don't just have to worry about standing water, mold and property damage, but also thieves.

Matt Finn reported on "Happening Now" from a flood-damaged Houston neighborhood that's dealing with "pickers."

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"When a flood victim places the things they do want to keep in their yard outside in the sun to dry out, those pickers come by and steal the things that the flood victims are trying to hold onto," Finn reported.

He visited a residence that had a sign warning potential pickers: "Smile. We have cameras watching you, and just got your picture via text! Stay away."

While Finn was reporting on the problem, a resident actually confronted an alleged picker.

"We saw some of these pickers going through people's belongings and putting them in their truck," Finn reported.

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