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Greg Gutfeld said President Trump's various media and political critics seem are running ways to mock him after the nation saw him on-the-ground in storm-ravaged Texas.

He played a clip of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," where hosts Willie Geist and Joe Scarborough mocked Trump as he handed out Red Cross meals to the displaced Texans.

Geist took aim at Trump's hands as the former Pensacola congressman Scarborough put on a fake New York accent to mock the president.

"They can't call him Hitler or unstable," Gutfeld said. "Mocking a photo-op is all they've got."

"When a response is this feeble, it says that the cartoon demonization of Trump is petering out," he added.

He said that, in addition, several top Democrats -like Californians Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - have given Trump the benefit of the doubt in recent weeks as Antifa mobs attack his supporters.

Gutfeld said that, while Hurricane Harvey has moved on from the Gulf Coast, "Morning Joe" hasn't moved on from mocking Trump.

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