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'Wrong, Immoral and Insulting': Top Dem Rips Trump DACA Move on Labor Day

Minimum wage activists rallied across the country on Labor Day, calling for a $15 minimum wage, "Fox & Friends" reported.

Fast food workers in 300 cities nationwide are expected to come out both in support of wage hikes and in opposition to Republican governors in swing states seeking reelection.

"In 2018, the worst Republican governors are all up for reelection. Let's throw them out," one group wrote in their rally announcement.

Next year, a slew of governorships are in play - mostly Republicans.

Several Republicans are term-limited, but there are several swing states where the incumbent could be targeted by such groups.

Gov. Charlie Baker (R-Mass.) and Gov. Larry Hogan (R-Md.), both recently rated the number one and two governors nationwide by popularity, are up for reelection in otherwise blue states.

Additionally, in heavily-Democratic Vermont, Gov. Phil Scott (R) is eligible to seek reelection, as well as swing-state GOP Govs. Christopher Sununu (N.H.) and Scott Walker (Wis.).

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