Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted critics of President and First Lady Trump as the first couple returns from visiting storm-torn Houston.

The president hugged children and helped serve food alongside his wife at a storm shelter on Saturday, offering comfort to those affected.

"I am reminded of Donald Trump the man, a doer, a builder, someone who gets it done," the judge said.

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President Bush was "clueless" during Hurricane Katrina, which killed over 1800 people, Judge Pirro said. About 50 are confirmed dead from Hurricane Harvey so far.

Critics accused the president of not visiting victims soon enough as he waited for rescue efforts to stabilize to avoid disrupting them. The first lady also too heat online for wearing expensive heels to the scene of the disaster.

"These idiots should stop hating, stop using a tragedy to make political points, shut their mouths, and instead do something to help those in need," the judge said.

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