A new report suggests that the federal government predicted violence from the anarchist group Antifa, now known for its destructive protesting tactics.

The Department of Homeland Security called the group "domestic terrorist violence," and a joint assessment with the FBI called them “anarchist extremists.”

An April, 2016 document describes the purpose of investigation as "to determine whether the U.S.-based anarchists might start committing terrorist bombings ... possibly at the Republican and Democratic conventions this summer," the Politico report states.

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"DHS is supposed to pass it down the chain of command to the local and state level, and then it's up to the law enforcement officers and structure at that level to implement the findings of the assessment," Phil Haney, a DHS whistleblower told "Fox & Friends" Saturday. "That apparently is where the disconnect is."

"We were told that the emerging threat was right-wing extremists," said the author of "See Something, Say Nothing."

"Very little was said about the left-wing."

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